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Archive Box Description Protocol

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Section 1 - Archive Box Description Form

(1) This Protocol should be read in conjunction with the Records and Archive Management Policy and supports the application of Sections 7, 8 and 9 of that Policy.


(2) Staff are required to complete the Archive Box Description Form when there is a need to store physical records on campus that:

  1. have not previously been scanned and captured electronically in an Approved Business System [1]; and
  2. are not eligible for Disposal as part of Normal Administrative Practice (NAP) [2].
[1] Staff departing ACU who have physical records that need to be stored on campus that are not being transferred directly to another appropriate member of staff in the same or connected business unit should complete the Archive Box Description Form as part of the employee Exit Checklist process.

(3) The Archive Box Description Form should be completed electronically.

(4) The Description of the physical records needs to be accurate and easy to understand.

(5) The ‘Date From’ and ‘Date To’ fields refer to the timeframe that relates to each individual record being described on the form.

(6) All contents should be arranged in chronological / alphabetical order, as appropriate.

(7) To avoid boxes being returned, the boxes must not be over-filled. A good indicator is to be able to comfortably slip a hand down the inside of the box when it is full.

(8) A copy of the Archive Box Description Form should be enclosed inside the archive box.

(9) The original Archive Box Description Form should be sent to the Records and Information Management Services (RIMS) Team as a Service Central Request [3].

[3] Staff must advise the RIMS Team of the physical records that need to be stored onsite so the records can be easily identified and captured.
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Section 2 - Further Advice

(10) Staff are encouraged to contact the RIMS Team in the Legal, Assurance and Governance Directorate (via Service Central) for any inquiries relating to the Archive Box Description Form.